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Serving Olathe's Youth Since 1953

Serving Olathe's Youth Since 1953

Pitching Guidelines

REG XVIII – PITCHING, PITCHERS & PITCHING LIMITATIONS PITCHING LIMITATIONS, page 19 During regular season league games, pitching limitations will follow the guidelines set forth by the Major League Baseball Pitch-Smart System, as shown in the following chart. Limits will be set by number of pitches thrown and resulting in a mandatory number of days rest between pitching appearances.

A. The following chart shall be used to determine pitching limitations

There is no maximum number of innings per week, only the number of pitches and the corresponding days of rest shown in the chart. NOTE: Pitcher shall be allowed to exceed the above number of pitches in order to complete an in-progress at-bat when pitch count limit has been reached during that at-bat. Once the at-bat is completed, the pitcher must be replaced, however, such pitches shall count toward the total for daily rest. A pitcher cannot return to pitching after he has been relieved.

B. Each manager will be responsible for tracking their player’s pitch counts during scorekeeping and policing these rules for each of his scheduled games. Prior to the start of the game opposing managers will exchange the number of pitches thrown, by day in the four previous consecutive calendar days, by all players in attendance for the game. Failure to provide pitch counts reduces the maximum allowable number pitches by 50%. (EXAMPLE: A 13 year old would only be allowed 47 pitches for that game) in the event of a protest the process under REGULATION XII (RULE 4.19) protesting games shall govern. NOTE: Managers unable to provide a record of pitches thrown will be subject to review by the League President.

C. Forfeited games count as a day of rest. Rained-out games (in which no game was played), count as a day of rest. Rained-out games (in which a game was partially played), count the pitches and the corresponding days of rest.

D. Games, in which an ineligible pitcher has been used as specified above, shall be declared forfeited.

E. The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after that pitcher is announced, but before a ball is pitched, shall not be considered a violation.

NOTE: The long-term health and safety of the player/pitcher should be the foremost concern. Please keep in mind the number pf pitches thrown in tournament games, bullpen sessions, private lessons, etc., as well as the throws made by the pitcher/player when playing other positions. The overall use of a player’s arm should factor into your good common-sense decisions regarding how much and how often a player pitches.

A Pitch Count Chart is available to you in the scorebook given to you by the league. It or a reasonable facsimile must be used.
**The chart will also be shown in each age group (Minor, Major & Junior) specific rules**


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