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Covid Guidelines


 The following protocols & recommendations will be in place for youth baseball games for the 2021 summer season. The purpose of this information is to provide as best as possible, a safe environment at the Sports Complex and to comply with local government mandates. Every attempt was made to uphold the integrity of the game in its original form as much as possible.


1)    Bleachers and benches will be used for players. Spectators should bring their own chairs and umbrellas and will be expected to follow the 6 ft social distancing guidelines.

2)    Equipment – Players will be required to provide their own equipment and equipment should not be shared (batting helmet, gloves, catchers gear). Coaches will be contacted about times to check out equipment if needed.

3)    Warmups – teams must maintain the 6 ft social distancing guidelines before, during & after warmups.

4)    No team huddles. Communication with the team needs to follow social distancing guidelines.

5)    At the conclusion of the game, no handshakes. Instead, teams should line up on the first and third baselines and give a tip of the cap to their opponents. This act of sportsmanship should be initiated by the coaches & umpires

6)    Home team will be responsible for keeping score and submitting the score online for each game.

7)    No sunflower seeds will be allowed at the complex.

8)    Concession stands will be open. Credit card transactions are highly encouraged.

9)    During weather delays all players and parents will need to go to their cars. The head coach or a representative for each team may remain in the complex to alert their team when it’s safe to return to the field.



1)    The wearing of face covering is encouraged for spectators at the Sports Complex. Players, coaches and staff may wear face coverings if they choose. Face coverings may be homemade, or store bought.

2)    Participants should wash/sanitize their hands and equipment after each game.

3)    Teams are encouraged to provide and display hand sanitizer for their team for use before, during and after the game.

4)    Social distancing is recommended whenever possible. Teams are encouraged not to gather as a group within close proximity of one another for pre or post game meetings.

5)    Once your games have concluded, please leave the Sports Complex. Do not remain to watch other games.

6)    We strongly encourage those individuals who are at high risk (Senior Citizens and those with underlying medical requirements) to avoid the ballpark.

7)    All participants, fans and staff are encouraged to look for any signs of illness and do not come to the Sports Complex if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19.


1)    Pre-game meeting with umpires should be held with 6 ft. social distancing guidelines.

2)    Umpires on all games will return to the home plate area to call balls/strikes. They should distance themselves from the catcher and batter whenever possible.

3)    Base coaches are allowed as normal. Social distancing rules apply.

4)    Offensive conferences are allowed per normal rules. Social distancing rules apply.

5)    Coaches will be allowed to meet with their pitcher for a conference per normal rules. Social distancing rules apply.

6)    In the event of an injury – only the coach or parent may attend to the player unless medical attention is required.

7)    Coaches may request a time out to talk to an umpire. Social distancing rules apply.

8)    Teams will be allowed to pick up sub players from other teams in their own grade/age or from the grade below. This would include players from your own league. Teams must still follow the other substitute players rules, i.e. subs must bat last, not allowed to pitch, etc. Rec League teams will still not be allowed to use Golden Glove players as subs and vice versa.

9)    For grades 3-8 (all leagues that keep standings) we will not play extra innings. Once you reach the game time limit teams will complete the inning they are currently playing and if the game is tied at the end of that inning it will be recorded as a tie.

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